Install OBS Studio 28 On Ubuntu / Fedora / Alma Linux

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This tutorial will be helpful for beginners to install OBS Studio 28 On Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Ubuntu 20.04, AlmaLinux 9, Rocky Linux 9, Linux Mint 21, and Fedora 36.

Introduction to OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a video encoding and streaming software used to create and broadcast live streaming content. OBS Studio software is used for recording, editing, and streaming live video. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Features of OBS Studio

  • Ability to encode and stream live video.
  • Ability to record and edit live video.
  • Ability to share live streams with viewers.
  • Ability to use OBS Studio for broadcasting.

What’s new in OBS Studio 28.0?

  • Updated to Qt 6
  • Native Apple Silicon Support
  • 10-bit and HDR Video Encoding Support
  • New Features and Additions

For the complete changelog refer to the release notes

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How to Install OBS Studio On Ubuntu / Linux Mint?

Step 1: Add the Official PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio

Step 2: Update the repository and install OBS Studio

sudo apt update && sudo apt install obs-studio
Install OBS Studio 28 on ubuntu

Install OBS Studio on Fedora / Alma Linux & Other Linux distributions

Step 1: Install Flatpak on your system if not installed use the setup guide

Step 2: Install OBS Studio using flatpak

flatpak install flathub com.obsproject.Studio

Step 3: Run OBS Studio

flatpak run com.obsproject.Studio
Install OBS Studio on Fedora

Uninstall OBS Studio

For the Flatpak package run the below command

flatpak uninstall com.obsproject.Studio

For the PPA Package run the below command

sudo apt remove obs-studio && sudo ppa-purge ppa:obsproject/obs-studio


From this tutorial, you have learned how to download and install OBS Studio on Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, and Fedora

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