How to Install WineHQ 8.13 on Ubuntu: A Step-by-Step Guide

Winehq ubuntu

This tutorial will be helpful for beginners to install Winehq 8.13 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Ubuntu 20.04, and Linux Mint 21.

What is winehq?

Wine is a recursive acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator“.

WineHQ is an open-source compatibility layer that allows you to run Windows software on Ubuntu without the need for a Windows operating system.

WineHQ Team released its new Development version 8.13 on July 21, 2023

What’s New in Wine 8.13?

  • Wow64 support in WineGStreamer.
  • WeakMap support in JScript.
  • Georgian translation.
  • Various bug fixes.

Install Winehq 8.13 on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Step 1: Install the Required dependencies

sudo apt install libgnutls30:i386 libgpg-error0:i386 libxml2:i386 libasound2-plugins:i386 libsdl2-2.0-0:i386 libfreetype6:i386 libdbus-1-3:i386 libsqlite3-0:i386

Step 2: Enable the 32-bit architecture and download the repository key

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && sudo wget -O /etc/apt/keyrings/winehq-archive.key

Step 3: Add the Official Wine repository

cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d && sudo wget -nc$(lsb_release -cs)/winehq-$(lsb_release -cs).sources

For Linux Mint 21 users run the below command

wget -nc

Step 4: Install the Wine 8.13 Development version

sudo apt update && sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-devel

Step 5: Configuring WineHQ

WineHQ provides various configuration options to optimize your Windows application experience.

Wine Configuration Options

To configure winehq , use the below command in the terminal, after executing this it will allow us to adjust the settings for Audio, Graphics, and compatibility modes.


Managing Wine Prefixes

Wine uses prefixes to separate each Windows application environment. you can create and manage prefixes using the wine prefix env

export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine_new_app

Step 6: Running Windows applications

Once WineHQ is installed and configured, you can run Windows applications directly from the Terminal by using the wine command followed by the application’s installer or executable file.

wine <path_to_application.exe>

wine notepad.exe

Uninstalling WineHQ

If you ever need to remove WineHQ from your system, you can do so by running the following commands:

sudo apt remove --auto-remove winehq-devel
sudo apt purge --auto-remove winehq-devel


From this tutorial, you have learned how to download and install Wine 8.13 on Ubuntu 22.04, 20.04, and Linux Mint 21

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